Complete Machine Rebuilds

HERO FL offers thorough overhauls of heavy machinery, restoring each component to like-new condition, ensuring prolonged equipment life and optimal performance.

Continuing Your Success Story with HERO FL Certified Rebuilds

HERO FL’s certified rebuilds offer a strategic solution to extend the life and performance of your heavy machinery. Our expert team meticulously refurbishes each component, utilizing OEM parts and the latest techniques, ensuring your equipment operates at its peak. This service is an investment in sustaining and enhancing your operational success, providing reliable machinery that continues to contribute significantly to your projects.

Key Benefits of a Complete Machine Rebuild

Certified Rebuild

HERO FL’s Certified Rebuild program revitalizes heavy machinery, combining thorough inspection, replacement of critical parts, and technology upgrades to deliver a cost-effective, like-new machine performance.

Certified Power Train

HERO FL’s Certified Powertrain service enhances the reliability and performance of your equipment’s powertrain components. Thorough inspection, repair, and replacement ensure optimal power and efficiency.

Certified Hydraulic Rebuild

HERO FL’s Certified Hydraulic Rebuild service ensures the optimal functioning of your hydraulic systems. Our meticulous process includes inspection, repair, and component replacement

Certified Engine Rebuild

HERO FL’s Certified Engine Rebuild restores your machinery’s engine to peak performance. Our comprehensive process includes repairs, replacements, and the addition of modern components.


HERO FL Certified Rebuild

HERO FL’s Certified Engine Rebuild is a comprehensive service that rejuvenates heavy equipment engines. Our meticulous process includes inspections, precision repairs, and component replacements to ensure optimal power, reliability, and longevity.

  • Meticulous Inspection
  • Precision Repairs
  • Modern Component Integration
  • Quality OEM Parts
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Longevity Assurance

Our Complete Machine Rebuild Process

Our Complete Machine Rebuild Process is a meticulous and comprehensive service that revitalizes heavy machinery. It includes thorough inspections, precision repairs, and the replacement of critical components, ensuring that each machine operates at its peak performance and has an extended operational life.



Our experienced team conducts a meticulous evaluation to identify wear, damage, and potential issues in the machinery.


Complete Disassembly

The equipment undergoes a comprehensive disassembly, where each component is carefully removed for individual assessment and refurbishment.



Precision repairs and meticulous reconditioning are performed on all components, ensuring they are restored to like-new condition.


Engineering Updates

Modern engineering updates and advanced components are integrated to enhance equipment performance and efficiency.


Power Train Tests

Rigorous powertrain tests are conducted to ensure the machinery operates at optimal power and efficiency levels.



After reconditioning, components are expertly reassembled to rebuild the machinery.


Performance Testing

We perform thorough performance testing to verify that the rebuilt machinery meets the highest operational standards.



As a final touch, the machinery is repainted, not only enhancing its appearance but also providing an added layer of protection.


Customer Evaluation

We invite customer evaluation and feedback to ensure that the rebuilt machinery fully aligns with their specific needs and expectations.


Benefits of Complete Machine rebuild

  • Increased Equipment Lifespan

    Our complete machine rebuild extends the operational life of your heavy machinery, ensuring many more productive years of service.

  • Enhanced Performance

    The rebuild process optimizes equipment performance, boosting efficiency and productivity on the job site.

  • Reduced Downtime

    Minimize costly downtime with machinery that operates reliably, reducing the need for frequent repairs.

  • Cost Savings

    By choosing a complete machine rebuild, you save significantly compared to purchasing new equipment.

  • Environmentally Responsible

    Rebuilding equipment is an eco-friendly choice, reducing waste and the environmental impact of manufacturing new machinery.